The biggest setback to recruitment is the cost. Between advertising costs for a role, spending time posting on jobs sites, spending money on recruitment agencies… the list goes on. The point is that can be costly and timely.

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Introducing: The Return To Work Recruitment Scheme

The return to work scheme is typically an employer lead scheme aimed at getting unemployed persons back into work. Oftentimes, these professionals will already have experience in a field but due to any number of reasons need support (for example if their field is niche or oversaturated).

Lee Oliver, director of Oliver’s Cleaning Co, has used the Return To Work scheme a number of times to cut costs on recruitment (pretty savvy of  you Lee!) He noted to us just how easy it was to find employees with the scheme after being contacted by The Standguide Group.

“We only have to give the gateway provider the hours and area required and they provide us with potential candidates” – Lee Oliver

With Lee’s business being in the home and office cleaning sector, it of course means a lot of movement. Being able to select candidates from specific areas allows him to expand into new areas much easier.

But you can also start your own return to work scheme

How Do You Get Involved With a Return To Work Scheme

Well, you’ll need to get in touch with one of the agencies that run a return to work programme. As mentioned earlier, The Stanguide Group is one such group.
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The Standguide Group’s core message is getting Britain back to work and you can get in touch with them with the contact information on their website.

Traineeship Recruitment Scheme

We’ve already covered the traineeship in a previous article, so we won’t go too in-depth here.

In its essence, the Government’s ‘Traineeship Scheme’ will enable you to quickly find and hire an unemployed person for at least 70 hours, and the government will grant your business up to £10,000.

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Keeping Up To Date With New Work & Hiring Schemes

One of the top ways to keep up to date with new schemes is to follow members of government on social media. A few local politicians and social accounts you may be interested in are: Paul Amann (who is the principal officer of employment and skills at the Liverpool City Region), Joanne Anderson, George Davies, The Liverpool City Region.

You can of course stay up to date on the Liverpool City Region’s own business page, and by following and subscribing to Multiko’s own newsletter.

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