There have been a number of government schemes over the last few years aimed at getting young people into work. If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely heard of Kickstart and the Plan for Jobs.

Nick Burridge of Multiko said, “The current government traineeship programme has been hugely successful within the Liverpool City Region with a 78% increase in traineeship placements. Employer’s have taken the opportunity to either upskill their existing staff, or they’ve either given a family member or  someone they know aged between 16-18 a traineeship placement”.

In 2020 the government announced plans to help get young people into jobs via traineeship placements. In late 2021 there were monetary incentives given to business owners to onboard trainees and apprentices. This was so successful that there was a 43% increase in the number of placements in 2021 vs 2020.

Nick continued, “These Traineeships are fantastic opportunities that have been created by 100’s of Employer’s across our region. The placements last between 2 weeks and 3 months and the employer is able to access £1,000 for every eligible traineeship placement.

It’s wonderful to see local businesses supporting the development of young people across our region and developing tomorrow’s talent”.


The Traineeship Scheme

The government’s traineeship incentive is aimed at businesses who can take on a 16-18 year old in a work placement positions for between 70 hours and 240 hours and support their development. Businesses that take on apprentices can earn up to £10,000 (£1,000 per apprentice, up to 10 apprentices).


The Work Being Done is Real and It’s Changing Lives

Harry is just one of the young people this scheme has helped so far – Harry is an aspiring content writer that has suffered with near-debilitating anxiety. After training with Start Digital in order to improve his copywriting and general marketing skills, he produced some outstanding marketing work. He was promptly helped by Start Digital in helping him apply for an apprenticeship with Saeed Olayiwola and the team at 3D Health Club. Harry tells us that the team has been incredibly supportive and has changed his outlook on life completely.

“This opportunity has completely changed my outlook on people. It’s shown me that not everyone has an ulterior motive against you, and that there are people who want you to do well in life. It’s boosted my confidence massively and I can’t thank 3d Health Club enough.”

-Harry M, Apprentice at 3D Health Club.


Helping to battle Inequality

There’s a good reason the government is targeting under 25s. Our sources suggest that if a person is both unemployed and not in permanent education or training from the ages of 18-24, the chances are that they’ll be unemployed for most of the rest of their lives which can lead to a vicious generational cycle.

These schemes are a way of creating opportunities and a path for advancement for our young people. Paul Amann of the Liverpool City Region has already told us that creating opportunity is a big priority for himself. He noted the levels of inequality in our city region can be quite jarring – for example, you can take a 10-minute walk around West Derby and see both massive immaculate mansions, tiny boarded-up terraced houses, and everything in between.

Start Education and Start Digital are one family of training providers that have been committed to providing opportunities for young people in recent years – they’ve already trained hundreds of young people, a large number of whom had been struggling with their mental health difficulties. Lots of these young people have an exceptional portfolio and are now looking for further help with gaining employment. Even a short apprenticeship could be life-changing for some of these individuals.


Get Involved

Help a Young Person & Gain an Apprentice.

If you own or manage a business and want to help a young adult like Harry and you’re able to offer  a traineeship placement, or you know someone who may be eligible for the scheme, then get in touch with James Douglas from Start Digital on 0151 245 6024 or email