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What can the Multiko business to business directory do for you?

We can help you save on your most valuable resource – time. Every single contact you need as a business owner is here in our Local Business Directory. Throughout our 14 years of operation in the Liverpool City Region, we’ve done the legwork to find your local services so you can get the fastest, most convenient service; all while supporting other businesses in your area.

Where are my local businesses?

We have businesses all across the Liverpool City Region. Click your area on the map or use the search bar below to see what our local Business Directory has in your area!


You can feel confident that every business in our directory is quality assured. Multiko’s directory has been in operation in the Merseyside area for 14 years, so you can trust that we are offering you tried and tested services in your area. What’s more, every service in our local business directory has been vetted by members of our community, so you don’t just have to take our word for it!
Businesses not meeting our exceptionally high standards are removed.

What is the “Liverpool City Region”?

The Liverpool City Region is an economic and political region based around Merseyside that is comprised of Liverpool City, Halton, Knowsley, Sefton, St. Helens, and Wirral. It differs from Merseyside in that Merseyside is purely a geographical region that doesn’t include the borough of Halton (which is made up of Runcorn and Widnes).

So when we say Liverpool City Region, we’re even including Halton (Runcorn and Widnes) in the business directory, something a “Merseyside Business Directory” technically wouldn’t.

If you want to learn more about the Liverpool City Region, and how they effect the landscape from Wirral to St Helens, you can view our article on them here or you can head to their website by clicking their logo below.

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