The Good Business Festival is the Small Business Festival

Remember Matthew Street Festival? They were good times, but we’re not here to talk about music festivals. The Good Business Festival is coming back to the Liverpool City Region in July with Act 2 and if you’ve not heard of it, it’s one of the upcoming must-attend small business festivals of the year – not just for business leaders, but for employees, creatives and pragmatic idealists alike.

The Good Business Festival is coming back in July with with Act 2 and is one of the upcoming must-attend large and small business festivals of the year for business leaders

The Good Business Festival will create a platform for creatives, business leaders, academics, and those passionate about business culture with aims to “Galvanise our ambition and drive positive change. With compelling, thought-provoking, and unexpected programming”.

The main focus of the event, however, will revolve around being and creating a purpose-oriented business. Discovering and discussing ways to keep our businesses ahead of the curve, stay attractive to clients and investors, and also talking about effecting methods of curbing the negative side effects that stem from poor employee mental wellbeing. The Good Business Festival believes that by having your focus point be something that’s clear, real-world, and actionable we will truly be enabled to run better and more impactful businesses.

I suppose you could say it’s about changing the world, one sale at a time.

Where and When?

The festival is to take part in two acts, with the first act having already concluded back in October 2020. The festival was hosted online, and we’ve been left with a lot of useful videos full of speculative talks, philosophies, business advice, and more.

Act two will take place from the 7th to the 9th of July 2021. There seems to be no official word given on whether or not this will be an online-only event, or will have a physical location. Our sources inform us that it will depend on the estimated impact Covid will have on the small business festival.

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