Liverpool Business Directory

In business you are always in need of trusted contacts to support your business or deliver the service you need. I found this easily being a member of Multiko.  What’s great is that as well as being able to share what we do at SO Health with others, I feel confident knowing I have a community of trusted businesses with great services and products I can access when we need.

Saeed Olayiwola, Managing Director, SO Health Co

“Becoming a member of the Multiko Directory has been very advantageous for our business.  We connected quickly with local businesses and have been supported and able to provide support. It’s saving us so much time to get access to information and resources we needed in order to grow and provide our customers a better service.””

Helen Mavrozumi, Digital Marketing Manager, Make A Difference Marketing

“Being a Multiko directory member has generated business and established quality connections for us. We’ve been able to find practical help and support via the Multiko directory which has been both time saving and convenient… a one stop shop for all our business needs!”

Peter Gee, Managing Director, PGP Insurance

“Being a member of the Multiko Directory has generated several business leads over the last few months and  helped me connect with great businesses in the local area. This has also saved me time as I haven’t had to search for suppliers or service providers. Multiko gives me access and information on businesses that can provide a solution for my business, even when I wasn’t sure on exactly what I needed.”

Andrew Kelly, Managing Director, Parker Kelly Financial Services