Have you heard of project Mersey Reach before?

Where Dunnings Bridge Road meets Heysham Rd in Netherton, lie the remains of an old margarine factory site. The site has been empty since the mid 90s so instead of leaving it to lie dormant and derelict, Chancerygate, a UK based industrial property developer, proposed redeveloping the area and plan to have six industrial units, twelve commercial units with parking and a nice handy petrol station.

Project Mersey Reach will be completed in two phases, the first instituting the six industrial units and the petrol station, the second phase will introduce the commercial units and parking.

Mersey Reach
Img Source: Chancerygate

The development will cost £20m and yesterday on the 9th of December, 2020, Chancerygate met with the local planning chiefs for approval. 

We reached out to Chancerygate and their PR team forwarded us this message from Mike Walker, Chancerygate’s development director:

“We are very encouraged by the success of phase one of Mersey Reach, so we are looking to bring forward the second phase.

This application is a redesign of phase two to take advantage of the demand for urban logistics space in the North West, and the phase would comprise approximately 100,000 sq ft across 16 units.

If consent is granted, we will be looking to undertake development on a speculative basis as soon as is practical.”

Some were sceptical that the plans would come to ahead, however. In the year 2000, Morbaine property developers failed to get started with their ambitious 300,000 sq ft of industrial and commercial enterprise units and warehouse. In 2004, IKEA had their eye on turning the site into a new store but those plans never came to fruition. It’s unknown whether the local council and planning authorities had anything to do with these dissolved plans, but it seems like Chancerygate have their foot fully in the door now!

Chancerygate LTD, who are working on developing the site estimate 350 new jobs will be created from the venture as well as having a £5.5m in positive growth for the area.

What do you think of Mersey Reach? Are you cynical of the plans or do you think it will turn into a valuable asset? Are you planning to rent a unit at Mersey Reach? Let us know! we’re very interested in what you have to say.

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