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Liverpool city region Business directory


Multiko and Covid

We offer our sessions in a face to face live environment, however, we understand that this isn’t for everyone at the current time. Accommodations can be made on our end to assure that you feel safe. For this reason, we also offer online sessions and webinars.

Please contact us to learn more.

How Can Multiko Help You?


We Save You Time.

The Local Business Directory

We’re especially proud of our award winning directory. We’ve created a list of services that every business owner needs and we list the best one near you in the Liverpool City Region.

As part of our quality assurance, our directory is both exclusive and lists only high quality businesses.
Want to leave feedback on a business we list? Contact us and let us know.

We Can Also Help With Other Areas Of Your Business


Marketing and Branding

Your brand and your brand’s image are at the heart of what makes a strong customer base. We can help ensure that your business is sending out the right message on social media, in your advertisements, in your logo, on your website, through your staff, and in media.

We also offer a mentorship programme wherein we can train you, or your employee(s), with the skills and know-how to successfully manage your own marketing campaigns.

Business Leader Development

Strong leadership sets the foundation of strong business. Multiko can develop your leadership qualities to ensure you have what it takes, not just to run a business, but to manage your employees as well.

But before you can take care of your business, it’s vital that your personal life is in harmony. We offer life coaching for professionals to ensure your personal life is in balance so that you can stay at the peak of your game and remain in perfect cognition.

This is possible, not just through just lifestyle plans and exercises, but through the use of social activities with the aim of meeting like-minded business professionals. If you’re interested in sports, yoga, books, gaming, or arts and craft, you’re sure to create a strong network of like-minded individuals.


Every business hosts it’s own inefficiencies and it’s own unique problems, especially the half-million startup businesses that are created in the UK every year. Multiko will take the time to talk with yourself and any employees you might have to not only solve problems you’re aware of, but shine a light on problems you’re not aware of, or problems you run the risk of facing in the future.


We Work With A Conglomerate of Business to Business Companies.

Multiko is teamed with multiple different companies from around the Liverpool City Region, each with their own valuable specialties.


Multi-Connect is a networking community, that hosts networking events that aim to put the fun back into connecting.

Start Liverpool


Start Liverpool hosts training, education and tuition learning faculties. Start Digital training works to help business owners and employees develop a broad yet succinct knowledge of the marketing sphere as a whole. Start Digital also offers critical insights into the modern marketing world with weekly tune-in webinars.

The Business Gym

The Business Gym is the bread and butter of our business support services. It’s through the Business Gym that we can offer our business coaching, consultation and life coaching. Access to the Business Gym will not only change your business life, but improve your personal life. You’ll receive newsletters detailing the latest business news updates as well as guidance on keeping your personal life in check, so it can’t interfere with your business life.

The Hub

The hub is a community centre based in Larkhill, Liverpool. The hub’s objective is to help people achieve the greatness that they deserve by making the world a little bit brighter, every day! Being partnered with the hub gives us a space for all of our activities. There’s room for our social events and even for our business coaching.

Make a Difference Marketing

Make a Difference Marketing (MADM) is currently one of the strongest marketing authorities in Liverpool. They are specialists in brand design, brand awareness, and generating trust/loyalty. They also offer website work, social media management, photography, videography, and more.

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